Realizing my Passion

I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life until I was 28.

Totally lost just waiting to be so found by a deep passion I knew I had within. How do you realize your passion when you literally have no idea? Who would realize my talents if I didn't know them? How can I make a life I actually enjoy waking up to every morning? Is that real life?  ~ YES (we will get there)

Honestly, I was at the lowest point in my life at 27. I had been job to job since I was 15, getting my college degree, licenses to sell insurance, real estate & studying for what felt like my whole life up to this point. I gave it my ALL but felt so little and was simply unhappy. I realized these jobs didn't full-fill me. I knew deep down I was capable of more was the thing and wanted to release this beast within.

So many thoughts circled my head though! "who doesn't want their dream job" "why do I deserve to be happy with my job?" "do dream jobs even exist" "there has got to be more to life" "am I alone? - No" "why me?"... It was confusing & overwhelming to say the least. Then I changed my thoughts & became conscious to what was around me and thankful for the things I did have. 

The secret was to let go and let the universe take me on a roller coaster in which I stopped the obsessive "how though?" thoughts and trusted in the process. I had to manifest my unknown passion and some abundance in all areas of my life through blind belief in the universe having my back. I believe in energy and changed my negatives to positives. I practiced for months and started playing with crystals due to their properties and beauty. They helped me meditate and I loved them for all the things. 

One day I was at my house working on who knows what MLM (lol), when I looked over at my necklaces. I don't know what took over me. It's all a blur. I literally took every necklace and pair of earrings I owned & broke them! I then proceeded to put them back together into a whole new piece of jewelry. Totally changed the styles, vibes & made them my own. 

ALL HISTORY after this moment. I went to Michael's so fast to buy all kinds of jewelry making tools and supplies and got busy. I had 40 necklaces before I knew it and thought "WOW, is this really happening?! I love this! How can I make it my everyday?" 

Well, I started thinking and thought "hey, I can do one of those cool markets I see around town now that I have so many!" So the research into these markets began and I bought a hot pink 10x10 tent, (that I still rock) a table, my jewelry and brought myself. I was SOOOO nervous my first market. I was curious to if anyone would even want to buy my jewelry until I had my very first sale!

Ya'll, I was SO happy about my first market. I mean, seeing people pick out one of my pieces, loving it and wearing it out because they didn't want to take it off. Seeing customers leave my booth happy through MY work was the most FULL-FILLING feeling ever. 

1 year later and I feel more grateful than ever! I get to make one-of-a-kind jewelry that people love and come back for! Each stone has a meaning behind it and working with them has only had a positive impact on my life. They are daily reminders that we are in control of our reality & capable of all the things! 

I LOVE MY JOB. I'm getting to be creative while spreading tons of love and good vibes to my tribe! Everyone becomes a friend and every jewel is made with so much love and good vibes. I get to share something that not only helps heal, but also helps you look fabulous! 

My mission is to spread the love as far as I can reach because the sky is the limit and I am proof that this shiz works. Watch me soar because I found my PASSION finally and it has made me unstoppable, unbreakable & invisible. I can't stop and won't stop creating beautiful work for my people. I'm finally HAPPY. I hope others read this and realize they are capable of taking a leap of faith too.