Popping Jewelry with Miranda Blair Designs

Axelrad Market

You can find Miranda Blair Designs at my favorite market held at Axelrad every Tuesday night from 5PM-10PM. I'm highlighting this market because it is SO much fun! The ideal spot to chill with good people on cool hammocks while listening to live music, drinking signature cocktails, craft beers, people watching & of course shopping the market! I love the vibes here & have made this my regular spot for the fact that it makes me excited seeing everyone so happy & loving life. It's a huge space, making it perfect to unwind, unplug & relax after a long day. 

It is so fun to be out & about in Houston, Texas because I meet so many interesting people and vendors at each event. It's always a reminder to how diverse & artistic Houstonians are! We have culture like no other & from all over the world - people are sharing their unique art/craft. It is so fulfilling to see local businesses being supported & loved. Which is exactly why I love what I do.

I get to watch people come up and say "OMG, I love your stuff!" all the time. This isn't "work" for me. I get to feel responsible for the smile on peoples faces when they put on their new favorite necklace or pair of earrings. I get to be ME and talk to customers who almost always become friends.

I feel so humbled & real for the first time in my life because this is the real me. I express myself through my jewelry & dreamcatchers. Everything is made with love & good vibes through meditation, stones & overall good energy while handcrafting each piece. At night, I make dreamcatchers similar to how a grandma knits - lol. It relaxes me! It's my therapy. It fills me with joy to know I'm making something beautiful for someone else to enjoy & cherish! 

I literally found my passion! Who can say that?! I worked hard to be someone else my whole life until now. I finally feel like I'm home & on the way to my top! All I wanted was to love what I do & I found it!

It is my mission to share this love by popping my shop at as many local markets as possible in order to share my handcrafted designs & meet amazing humans I'd never meet otherwise. 

At the end of the day, all that matters is the smiles I get to see because that makes me smile for days. That feeling when someone finds their new favorite piece of jewelry from ME?! YAS! Life is about moments & it has only just begun for Miranda Blair Designs. Find me local or shop online for more!